St Josephs School

Congratulations to the families of St Josephs School who graduated from the Computers in Homes Wairoa project on the 1st of May 2008.

Arthur Blake, Les Probert (Mayor of Wairoa) and Jack Kirwan cutting the Graduation cake

Thank you Mr Richard Puanaki and the staff of St Josephs School for welcoming Computers in Homes Wairoa, for organising the participating families, providing the ICT Room for training and assisting us with the preparation of training resources and materials.

It was great to complete ICT training for families during the school holidays. Attendances from families was excellent and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for showing dedication to the kaupapa of this Computers in Homes Wairoa project.

A great effort to all the kids who participated on the programme, I especially enjoyed having the pre school children attend and spend their training day working on the thin clients. I was very impressed with their skills and knowledge working on the computers, a step in the right direction.

There was a diverse range of ages with St Josephs School families. A new born baby, preschoolers, primary school students, college students, parents and grandparents with the
odd sister, partner or aunt showing up.

A big thank you for to Channelle Rickard for stepping up and assisting with the Project coordination. This project channels on support from the Community and needs volunteers like Channelle to ensure its technology success to the people of Wairoa.

Welcome St Josephs School to the big wonderful world of ICT Technology.

Frasertown School

Frasertown School

Kotemaori School

Computer Training around the Schools

Congratulations to the families of Frasertown School who graduated on the 11th of July 2008.

Thanks to Mrs Jenny Ratcliffe for supporting Computers in Homes Wairoa project and making yourself available to attend, mix and mingle with the parents and children during computer training.

Thanks to the families for top mark attendance... Your attendance reflected in your computer learning... There was so much to absorb and everyone coped really well.

The kids... I love it when the families bring their children along... I encourage the kids to learn and to teach their parents. Georgina Tipuna, aka "The Librarian", you did a great job showing Dad how to use the computer, i'm sure he was very impressed with your skills. Danielle Roberts, I was very impressed with your learning, attitude and behaviour, a big thank you to your Mum Maria for putting her hand up as the Project Buddy/Mentor to assist all the families.

To the rest of the families, it was great to meet you all and I hope to hear the good learning stories during post training.

Congratulations to the families of Kotemaori School who graduated on the 18th of May 2008.

Kotemaori School is approximately 55 kms South of Wairoa with a roll of less than 30 children.

A big thanks to all the families who participated especially to those who gave computer support to others with less computer knowledge. Computer training took place over a 7 week period, thanks to Simon and the BOT for keeping our family PCs safe and secure during the training period.

To Hana, Charmaigne and Len, we hope that your computer training has been put to good use. We look forward to hearing all the good stories from yourselves and the rest of the families during post computer training.