Let's take a look at whats happening at the Community Training Centre (CTC)

Ka Pai to everyone who chooses to follow the yellow brick road to Clyde Road, Wairoa...  Because only good things having been coming out of the Computers in Homes - Community Training Centre.

Let's take a look at some of the families that make it possible for Computers in Homes to succeed in Wairoa.  We receive a lot of appreciation from families, thank you to everyone who has supported us and continues to support us - together we can do great things in Wairoa.  Kia Ora Tatou Katoa.

Computer Training During August 2010

Congratulations to everyone who completed their computer training during August.  A warm welcome to Rapai Te Hau, our new Computer Trainer for Computers in Homes.  It is amazing to see the friendships created amongst everyone, we all have email accounts now so stay in touch and keep the stories, photos and movies coming in...  

Computer Training During July 2010

Computer training during July was undertaken during the evening.  Check out the photos to see how many families attended.  Congratulations to everyone, we enjoyed having you at the CTC.  It is always refreshing to have spouses attend computer training together, you benefit twice as much.  Thanks for making the evening programme enjoyable and caring enough about each other to make sure that no one was left behind.  The little things go a long way, Kia Ora.

Computer Training During June 2010

What an experience!  Over 75% of the group had no computer experience and also had never touched a computer.  A new experience is one that you will never forget...

Has everyone checked out the Scooters, three families attended computer training in their Scooters.  To have our Senior Citizens travelling a total distance of approximately 2kms each way by Scooter is to be commended.  When the rain fell, Kelly and I drove them into the CTC and parked them up, what fun we had.

Computer Training During May 2010

Thanks everyone for making our 2nd Pakeke programme memorable.  Your thirst for technology knowledge is admirable.  Over half of the families attending computer training were only recently registered on a six month Computer Programme with the Salvation Army, Ka Pai.  The feedback we received from families has been fantastic, Computers in Homes has provided a platform for our families creating a wealth of energy that is inspiring and empowering for everyone to have an "I Can" attitude.  Keep believing in yourselves because the world is now at the tips of your fingers.

Frasertown School

Frasertown School

Kotemaori School

Computer Training around the Schools

Congratulations to the families of Frasertown School who graduated on the 11th of July 2008.

Thanks to Mrs Jenny Ratcliffe for supporting Computers in Homes Wairoa project and making yourself available to attend, mix and mingle with the parents and children during computer training.

Thanks to the families for top mark attendance... Your attendance reflected in your computer learning... There was so much to absorb and everyone coped really well.

The kids... I love it when the families bring their children along... I encourage the kids to learn and to teach their parents. Georgina Tipuna, aka "The Librarian", you did a great job showing Dad how to use the computer, i'm sure he was very impressed with your skills. Danielle Roberts, I was very impressed with your learning, attitude and behaviour, a big thank you to your Mum Maria for putting her hand up as the Project Buddy/Mentor to assist all the families.

To the rest of the families, it was great to meet you all and I hope to hear the good learning stories during post training.

Congratulations to the families of Kotemaori School who graduated on the 18th of May 2008.

Kotemaori School is approximately 55 kms South of Wairoa with a roll of less than 30 children.

A big thanks to all the families who participated especially to those who gave computer support to others with less computer knowledge. Computer training took place over a 7 week period, thanks to Simon and the BOT for keeping our family PCs safe and secure during the training period.

To Hana, Charmaigne and Len, we hope that your computer training has been put to good use. We look forward to hearing all the good stories from yourselves and the rest of the families during post computer training.